• We Design, Prototype & Engineer wearables, sensors, and practical devices

IoT Device Design

At ESol we understand that seamless integration between form and function is critical to the success of IoT devices. That is why we have a team of experts from multiple disciplines working on the device design process.

We approach device design from the perspectives of user experience, technology fit, and design for manufacturing.

We start with requirement analysis

  • What are the needs and expectations of the customer?
  • Which problems does the product need to solve?
  • What should it be able to do for different types of users?

We then research

  • What parts do we need to make the device?
  • What parts are already available on the market?
  • What’s best from cost, footprint, and connectivity standpoint?
  • What’s best to meet the requirement and to provide the best user experience?
  • How can we design the user interface to create the best user experience?

Design process comes next, with use cases, user flows, wireframes, visual design and specification